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The Re-Opening of Toledo Retail

#Retail has been shut down for awhile here in #Toledo. The Covid-19 Pandemic has wreaked havoc on #local businesses. SO what does re-opening up look like? Well, it should look a lot like what essential businesses did to stay open. I mean, it actually begs the question why did we have to close our retail outlets in the first place? Couldn't business owners have taken measures to protect people and employees and have stayed open? Regardless, it's getting close to that time to re-open. Measures such as making aisles 1 way, Plexiglas at the cash register, and sanitizer and wipes available are all smart mitigation tactics.

Take a page from the businesses that adapted their business model to include call ahead ordering (click list) and even delivery options. Use these business transformations to jump start your re-opening

Also, what about the grand re-opening sale, to get the foot traffic back. And yes, advertise like you are a new business and communicate clearly what you are doing to re-open. Let your customers know through social media and traditional media how you are meeting their needs in the post Stay at Home Order world.

Ohio Update Stay at Home 4/27/2020 2:00PM #Ohiostayathome

May 1 - Healthcare will reopen that does not require an overnight stay. Dentist and Veterinarians can reopen

May 4 - Manufacturing, Construction, and Distribution as well as General Office will open.

Face coverings are required. Gatherings of 10 or more are still not allowed.

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